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Guide to domains, premium domain names, keyword domains, brandable, generic, geographical domain, buying advice, resource, domain extensions and pitfalls to avoid.This domain name guide explains some of the domain types to consider when purchasing a domain name. Find information on premium domain names, keyword domains, brandable domain names, geo domains and generic website names and more…

The very first .com domain registration was on 15th March 1985, since that time the number of registered domains has reached over 334 million TLDs. Find out more about domain name extensions.

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Premium domain names

Investing in a premium domain name can provide you with a head start and a great asset for your business or organisation. With many of the word combinations no longer available as new domain registrations a premium domain can provide you with a better name. For any new internet site, trying to rank high with the major search engines is extremely difficult. Investing in the right domain name can be critical to your business and could be the difference between success or failure. Premium domains generally offer better branding potential or a more memorable name and can be easier to spell and easy to pronounce or keyword rich. The domain name you choose is not only a website name but your business name, brand name and email address which is why investing in the right name for your online business is of paramount importance. Buying a domain name that is easier to remember can help with advertising and effective marketing campaigns….Read more about premium domains “What is a Premium Domain Name”.

Highest sales price for a premium domain

The world record price ever paid for a premium domain name was for a single word domain name that sold in November 2010 for $13,000,000 – Visit our premium domain sales page for more information.

Keyword rich domains

If you’re looking to rank high organically consider a keyword rich domain name – This can be an important factor in search engine optimization (SEO). These domains contain dictionary words and tend to describe a specific sector, product, service or other area of interest. A descriptive domain name can provide instant credibility and clearly define what your business or organisation is promoting. The shorter the domain name the easier it is to remember this also reduces the risk of people typing in the incorrect website address. Keyword domain names can be an inexpensive way of driving internet traffic to your site. Pay per click (PPC) can be very expensive with no guaranteed returns, a keyword domain name could help your business to grow organically and potentially provide a high return on your initial investment.

Brandable domain names

Brandable domains offer strong brand name potential and are usually short, catchy, distinctive, memorable domain names. The domain name should be easy to spell and easy to pronounce and emotionally appealing which is a critical element in creating a successful new brand. These domain names can be dictionary words, made up words or both and can even include numbers. One of the benefits of a brandable domain name is that in most cases it doesn’t restrict your business from entering new market sectors under the same website name as generic or descriptive keyword domain name can. Brandable domains usually offer greater longevity due to the memorability factor. If you think of the most well known websites names in the world the chances are they are brand names. Famous brands that would be termed “brandable domains” include: Google, Yahoo, Face Book, Twitter and Microsoft. View our brandable domain names for sale.

Geo domain names

As the name implies a geo domain name refers to domains targeting geographical locations, cities, states, towns, countries and places. Examples:,,,

Generic domains

In very few words a generic domain name can accurately describe what a business or organisation promotes or sells. Generic domains contain exact-match keywords in the order someone would type into the search engine browser such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. If you want to establish the monthly traffic locally or globally for exact match keywords try Google Ad Words. This is a very easy tool to use that provides exact, broad and phrase search statistics, as well as pay per click estimations for selected words. One of the main benefits of a generic domain name is that it can provide your website with instant credibility and potential clients will usually immediately know what your site is promoting. An exact-match keyword domain name can help boost search engine optimisation (SEO) with the major search engines. Visit Generic Domain Name page to view our Generic Domains for Sale.

Short domain names

Short domains generally consist of between 1-5 letters or characters. View our Short Domain Names for sale.

***Important***Before purchasing your domain name

Before committing to buying a domain name ensure that you check whether the name is protected. It is the buyer’s responsibility to establish if the domain name is subject to trademark or intellectual property protection.

Protect your domain investment and brand identity

When purchasing a domain name consider buying similar domains and common misspells to prevent site hijacking. Use as secondary domains and redirect them to the primary website address or create micro sites or simply put them on the shelf.

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See the list of New gTLD Applications that will lead to a wave of new domain extensions.

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Buying a name for your website is a critical path; the importance of a domain name should not be under estimated. Investing in the right website name can make a huge difference to the success of your online business. For a general overview of domains visit our domain name guide.

With a premium domain you generally benefit from a better name, compared to most new registrations. Premium domains tend to be shorter, more brandable, keyword rich or easier to remember. The right domain name can be a major factor in helping to drive internet traffic to your site.

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